The Snack Bar – Snack Care Package (40 count) – Variety Assortment with American Candy, Fruit Snacks, Gift Snack Box for Lunches, Office, College Students, Road Trips, Holiday Gifts Grocery & Gourmet Food

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About this item THE SNACK BAR BOX CONTAINS a variety of snacks and bars to satisfy any type of craving. (see product description below for full list of items) PERFECT FOR college, office meetings, hospitals, military, staff rooms, trips. Order your Snack Bar Snack Box today for yourself or as a gift

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12.13 x 8.27 x 4.84 inches; 2 Pounds

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50 reviews for The Snack Bar – Snack Care Package (40 count) – Variety Assortment with American Candy, Fruit Snacks, Gift Snack Box for Lunches, Office, College Students, Road Trips, Holiday Gifts Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Steph

    Plesantly surprised!

    The little box was cute.. with the image on the side…everything was packaged well. All fresh. I was afraid they wouldn’t arrive on time, but they came right before christmas. We’ve gifted our teens snack boxes like these from a different company, but wanted to try a different one this time. All sorts of yummy snacks that they both approved. just a fun little gift idea, they can stash in their rooms while they’re gaming or watching movies. they are enjoying them, thanks!

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  2. JC

    Great snack box.

    I ordered this snack box over the holiday and it was really nice to have a variety of snacks for everyone. I didn’t have to go out buy all kinds of different large bags of just a few things, I was able to get a lot in this box. I ordered this particular box because I really liked the snacks in it. Great gift idea for office and large gatherings. Good value. Would recommend.

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  3. Julie

    Just tossed in a box not in a display.

    There appears to be a good variety of items in the box. I was disappointed to see that the picture shows the items displayed and they are just in a box. I was excited for the display for the game prizes they are going to be. Now, I have to figure another way to display that doesn’t take up a whole table. I wish they had said snack box instead of bar.

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  4. Cynthia Tremblay



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  5. Jasmyne

    Good Value

    I bought this for a gift basket and ended up bringing the leftovers to work. Everyone enjoyed the snacks, will definitely be purchasing again to bring in for my coworkers.

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  6. M

    Worth it

    Good size box for so many snacks. They were fresh too.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Not happy

    Many of the snacks described were omitted from this. I should say most of the snacks were not included. The box only included 1 motts, 3 chewys, 2 laggy taffy’s, 1 cheez it, 2 bags of peanuts, and 1 pringles. Definitely not what was advertised and not worth the price. Very disappointed

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  8. Wendy Daniels

    This was a Christmas favorite

    Kids loved all these snacks

  9. K. Tutcher

    The hot gift at the family exchange

    We do a blind gift exchange and allow for stealing – this box made the rounds but was ultimately held onto by my teen niece. I’d buy it again or send it to a student.

  10. Lisa Melcher

    Grandson love it

    I sent this to my grandson at college and he loved it!

  11. Jessica Gilbert

    Beach Snacks

    This was a perfect variety snack mix for our family beach trip! Something for everyone.

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  12. Kell M

    Deceiving but Doable

    This snack box was a lot smaller than I expected, and I didn’t realize it would be filled with snack-sized candy bars and individual what-nots. We use these for snacks for our mail and delivery people and this wasn’t as worthwhile as I’d hoped. The photo shows how small the box is with a few pieces received that I deemed not worth putting into our snack basket. :-/

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  13. latasha malone

    My nephew loved it!

    It didn’t really look like the pic but he loved it. I hit it for my 14 yr old nephew for his bday bc he’s always snacking on something after school and eating people stuff! He loved it and didn’t want to share!

  14. Marilyn P

    Gave as gift.

    Not exactly what was expected. Was ok as a gift.

  15. Tim

    Lots of fun

    At first I absolutely loved this. It was like being a kid again and your mom gave you snacks for lunch. But after going through a few snacks I realized a large portion of the snacks were all sour candy. That’s not an awful thing but it would have been nicer to have a better ratio of salty to sweet candies and not so much on the sour end of things. Still a fun box of snacks but I probably wouldn’t buy this one again.

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  16. SS

    Value for money

    It was good but I wish there were more salty things than sweet.

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  17. Amazon Customer

    Different items

    It’s a nice idea, but we didn’t get most of what is pictured and what they substituted wasn’t an equal substitution, so we only used about half of it. Good in theory, but with the selections not matching at all, it’s not worth the value in my opinion.

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  18. JC

    You cant return this

    Tiny box with tiny items. Go to the dollar store and spend $25

  19. Griffin Family


    I have ordered snack boxes like this before and loved this one. Normally they will last a weekend. This is the size of a shoe box and the kids rummage through it all and ate it within a couple hours. All the pieces are like sample sized.

  20. Dawn Nieves

    Not worth it to me.

    The whole box was mostly filled with twizzlers. I was very embarrassed sending this as a gift.

  21. cyeana Martinez

    Some were expired but not all of them

    The snacks are really good and all of them arrived

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  22. CJ

    Party pack snacks

    The variety packs snacks are what my kids desire 😋.

  23. Me

    Nice Gift

    I have actually purchased this box twice. I have sent them to my best friend during both her pregnancies as cute surprise for her munchies. It’s not a glorious fancy package, but it is definitely fun to unexpectedly receive in the mail. Especially right at Halloween time.

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  24. evelyn1140

    It is ok

    The media could not be loaded.

     My thinking it does not cost 25 ot it does? I dont know. You guys be the judge

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  25. handfree

    good candy

    i dont eat them i gift them and no one complains ,, i wish i could eat them but i can’t

  26. Maureen B.

    Great birthday present

    My brother in law enjoyed this gift so much. Not only did he enjoy the tastes of the tears but also remembering when he first ate them. It was like a walk down memory lane.

  27. Theresa M. Baker

    Excellent variety

    The snack box was received by my son and his fiancée. They were thrilled at the variety. I was thrilled at the excellent value.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Huge Disappointment

    I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering this. The box I got was not like the one pictured or described. My box was heavy on the lady taffy and sour punch, and did not have two Pringles or any Twizlers. Really poor value for the money.

  29. Sharon Koch

    Grandkids loved it!

    This was a great gift to send to the grandkids! They loved it. Great variety that made everyone happy!

  30. Mike Sidler

    Perfect gift!

    Perfect giftFor any age!!!

  31. cjones1840

    My college freshman lives for these!!!

    I try to send my daughter, who is away at college, one of these kinds of boxes every few weeks. She seems to feed everyone on the floor with it. 🤣. She said this one she isn’t shaing with anyone. It’s all great stuff and it’s her favotite so far. Mom for the win!!!

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  32. Amazon Customer

    Very small

    This was a lot smaller than I had imagined. It did have 40 pieces in it but many where the size you would give to trick or treaters. The variety was nice but I can get similar type items as Sam’s Club for around the same cost and the size is much larger.

  33. Roseanna Almaguer

    My favorite snacks

    It came in a regular box and not exactly like the way it looks in the picture but I was still very happy with the box of snacks and it was well worth the price because it was a lot of them.

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  34. Barbie velazquez

    It had good varity

    Lots of options but could have been cheaper

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  35. Rua O’Henry

    Mini sized – read description carefully

    Sadly I did not realize all the items were mini sized. I thought they were all snack size. My guys went through it in 2 days. But they were all brand names as advertised!

  36. nb

    Care package!

    fun to send and receive!

  37. Cindy

    Highly rated by grandkids.

    I bought 3 of these as Thanksmas gifts for the 3 grandkids. Ratings by them 7.5/10, 8/10, and 9/10. They may get a higher rating once they have tried the unfamiliar snack items. I will buy them again.

  38. Cheryl Rupp

    Great assortment

    Gift for college boy

  39. Ronni Reed

    Small items

    Am very disappointed. Purchased similar idea last Christmas and was better variety and larger items. This one has one little item you would get in like a bag of Halloween candy (Laffy Taffy, Skittles, etc.) and it counts as an item. It’s a present for my grandson for Christmas and don’t have enough time left to return it or I would.

  40. Angela Hardwick

    Not a good value!

    My son seemed pretty happy with the snacks. However, I was not! The contents was thrown in a box and the price is not worth what’s in the box. I could have done the same thing myself.Very disappointed!

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  41. Brian L. Morrison

    Great for multiple Easter baskets

    I love getting this to do all the Easter baskets for my family members. Good variety of items

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  42. Kirsten

    My expecations were too high

    this is a good variety box as long as you understand that the snack items are very small. Like, a laffy taffy, a piece of licorice or a tiny pack of 3 gobstoppers. Most of the items are tiny. There were a few snack size packs of goldfish or cookies but I was expecting the entire box to be snack size portions. now that I know this, I might consider buying again but the price is kind of high for what i got. It would be a cool gift to send to a college kid, they would like it, but i got it for a larger group of teens and it was a bit disappointing.

  43. KH57

    Packed terrible

    This was a gift for someone and it was just tossed in the box. Was not even close to what the picture on the add showed. Looked very cheap and I was embarrassed to see this. I will never order again!

  44. Teri M

    College care package

    Sent this to my niece, a little care package for her first year of college. She loved it

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  45. Bonnie Baker

    Snack pack

    My grandsons loved the variety.

  46. jamhd1340

    To much bubble gum and not what was advertised

    To much bubble gum and not what was advertised

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  47. Jean

    College grandson and friends ate everything in 24 hours!!!

    This was a gift. I didn’t see it or taste it!

  48. Pam Williams


    Box was small, didn’t have everything listed and had several small packs of candy to fill in the 40 pieces. Not worth the money. I ordered crave boxes at Easter and they were much much better with nice snacks instead of junk and small pieces of candy. Thinking of making a return! What a rip off. Go with crave boxes!!

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  49. Babee Pretty

    Snack box

    It was great but some of the items were different not the same as advertised none the less it was great for kids movie night

  50. Chris

    Smaller than you think and not what you would think.

    Box was tiny for the price. Items were smaller than expected. I’ve bought 4 different brands of mixed snacks, and this one is not worth it.

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