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About this item At-Home Tropical Spa Experience: Our luxurious tropical shower steamers will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, with their alluring scents and the relaxation-inducing properties. Exotic Aromatherapy Scents: Our scented shower aromatherapy steamers turn your shower into a luxurious spa experience. With our 5 exotic and tantalizing fruity scents, you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical vacation with every shower steamer! Benefits of Shower Steamers: For the best aromatherapy experience, the body should be in a tranquil and warm environment, where the senses can be lulled into a state of relaxation. This makes shower steamers great for calming and relaxing the body. How to Use: Place one shower bomb tablet on the shower floor, away from the direct water stream. The shower melts will fizz and release a luxurious scent, filling the entire room with its lovely fragrance. Be sure to use hot water for best results! Thoughtful Gift Ideas: This shower aromatherapy shower bomb is the perfect gift for anyone in your life. The luxurious scent makes it a great choice for any occasion, whether you’re looking for a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a birthday gift.

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8.7 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches; 1.25 Pounds

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September 29, 2022

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Envy Prime

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50 reviews for Shower Steamers Aromatherapy Coolest Gifts for Women, 15Pack Beauty & Personal Care Bathroom Essentials – Valentines Day Gifts for Him & Her, Bath Accessories & Shower Aromatherapy Bombs for Women Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Tayler H.

    Good Shower Addition

    I like these shower steamers for a little something extra when wanting to relax – the scents are nice but also kind of smells just like baking soda. I also think the packaging of each individual puck needs some rethinking – you can see in one of the pictures how it doesn’t quite hold up for the ones in the bottom of the bag. Overall I think they are great!

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  2. Rian Marquez

    Amazing smell

    These shower bombs smell so good but the packaging is a little messy. A few of the bombs were broken but not a huge deal

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  3. Tina

    Half the bag is loosely wrapped and broken

    The product works as described but I wouldn’t want to gift this as once the out bag is opened the product is not very aesthetically pleasing. Broken and semi open pucks.

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  4. K. K. Rumsey

    Better than expected!!

    I was skeptical with these as the scent in the package smelled really cheap. However, once placed in the shower, it gave off a very nice fruity scent. I have papaya. I do wish it was a stronger scent though and the only reason I knocked a star off.

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  5. Charles W.

    Decent shower pucks, OK scents.

    These are OK, the tropical fruit scents were promising as something different and I was excited to get them. They ended up smelling very perfume-like, lots of floral scent and not much fruit. For example, the guava smell could just as easily have been called “meadow flowers” and you’d never know. I’m going with a solid “just OK” for the smells overall.

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  6. Prophet Josie Bryant

    These smell great, but once in the shower, the scent fades and they melted too fast.

    The scents fade, and they melt too fast.

  7. DC_stl

    Tropical paradise!

    When you need a little something extra in your shower! It smells great and takes you to a tropical paradise!Perfect gift for tired mommas.

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  8. Miranda Corrales

    Fun Colors, Great Scents!

    It was so refreshing to have shower steamers that were fun, colorful and smelled great! These are perfect for adults and kids. The packaging was also really cute and was nice to display for guest as well in my guest bathroom when people come to stay! I will be purchasing again!

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  9. Daisy


    was feeling under the weather for over a month & these made me feel better instantly when I used these in the shower. a little spa slash steaming sauna in my own shower.

  10. brisa arellano

    Smell amazing

    This shower steamers smell amazing and last up to 2/3 showers. I placed it in for me and hubby used it after. Its like an aromatherapy shower. Smells really fresh and nice while you shower. I really liked them.

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  11. Brittany

    They all smell the same and induvidual packaging damaged

    The bag that holds all of the shower pucks is way too small, this caused friction on the foil making all of the pieces rub off the gold foil. They also looked old and because most of the foil was deteriorated they all smelled the same. I am returning all because they were going to be stocking stuffers but I would be embarrassed to say I gave someone these in the condition they were in. They look like all the other reviews… 🙁

  12. Cierra stowe

    This product was amazing

    Amazing product loved it will buy again

  13. Iana

    Very pleasant!

    This is a great thing for taking a shower!!! All these fruit flavors lift my mood and seem to energize me! A great product both for yourself and as a gift! I recommend it!

  14. Monnie

    Smells amazing!

    It smells so good! Easy to use and fragrant

  15. Fernanda Trejo

    I loved the scent of these shower steamers!

    When I first got them I wasn’t sure If I was going to like the fruity flavors but they were actually so refreshing and made my shower time so much better!

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  16. Amazon Customer

    So relaxing for the shower!!

    I love these steamers! They smell so good with the steam of the shower! It comes with a variety of scents depending on your mood! Recommend!!

  17. April Williams

    They smell wonderful

    These smell wonderful and make a great gift.

  18. AliceB

    TIP: Follow The Directions

    Here’s my tip for the best shower steamer experience: follow their instructions! By making sure the tablet was on the floor, away from a direct spray of water, and yet could still get indirectly sprayed by water coming off me, I was able to enjoy it for my 10-minute shower, and actually had to push it over the drain because, even though my shower was done, there was still almost half the tablet left! And yes, the aroma lasted the whole time. (Note: in my shower, the best place was on the side, about 2” away from the wall.)

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  19. Kaci Kizziar

    Smell amazing and last a long time.

    Love the tropical scents. Makes for a relaxing and pleasant experience. Company enjoys them also.

  20. Randy


    Was great!

  21. Claudia T

    These are amazing!

    A friend recommended them to me so I checked them out. Never heard of Steamers, only bath bombs. These are absolutely amazing and I love to use them. The scent is so refreshing and aromatic and smells so natural. It’s a decent size for the price too. I love how it turns your shower into a tropical spa at home! My favorite is guava!!

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  22. Soney Vasquez

    Aged product and they all smell the same

    After using each scent I noticed they all smell the same. Maybe like a slight 5% difference in smell. They came wrapped in foil that was torn and brittle, the stickers on it had bled and faded ink like they were left out in the sun or something. Overall I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for this product

  23. Jennifer A. Deckard

    Old product not good for gift giving

    I purchased these to make gift baskets for Christmas for friends , unfortunately while the outside bag looked great the pucks inside where broken/ foil unwrapped or mashed into the shower puck. (At least 6 of the 18) . They smelled okay but with the broken foil all seemed to be mixed and mingled in scents . If your looking for a inexpensive shower bomb for yourself go for it , if your looking for a gift I’d steer clear .

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  24. @tracyaybar

    So luxurious!!!

    I love these so much!!! They make showering feel so luxurious! They smell amazing and they don’t stain the tub which I was concerned about! The scent is strong enough but not overpowering and I absolutely cannot wait to pop one in a nice hot shower after a long day to relax!

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  25. Richard

    Nice scents

    Great product

  26. BriiBrii

    Broken products

    I was so excited to try these and give a few away in sucking stuffers. Unfortunately I won’t be able to, the bag came fully intact but the steamer things were broken up, the foil wrapper looked chewed through and the dust was everywhere 😫🙄. It was a mess to clean up. I won’t repurchase.

  27. Robert Blaul

    Incredible product with great value for the price!

    I loved these! Having that many time use and try out for such a low price was amazing! I am addicted to anything Passionfruit so I was so excited to try these and they did not disappoint!

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  28. Sandra E.


    I’m not a fan of lavender or eucalyptus (the usual shower steamer smells) so I tried these in hopes of an olfactory treat. I opened to bag to find the foil packaging of the top 2 steamers crumbling away with signs of mold/mildew. There’s no way I’m treating my nasal passages to THAT voluntarily so I chucked them and pulled out a disk that looked intact: Passion Fruit. I placed it away from the spray as directed and it steamed up the way it’s supposed to but… that smell is NOT passion fruit. It smelled like that cheap pink soap you find in public restrooms. I powered thru my shower and grabbed a paper towel to pick it up (the package says to not touch it with your bare skin which seems odd considering the wash-off is inevitably going to touch your feet unless you’re in a giant 2-person shower). Even though I disposed of it immediately it still left a pink stain in the corner it sat in. I’m hoping a good scrub will get it out or maybe it’ll fade in time. I hate that this wasn’t better because I was testing it out to possibly get for a friend’s birthday but looks like I’m going to have to find something else.

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  29. Amazon Customer

    I love the scents @@!

    Nice vibe while in the shower. They also work as room freshners.

  30. Netty

    The wrappers were all worn, and they looked old.

    I ordered these for my friend for her birthday, I ended up not giving them because they looked old and the wrapping was all open on some of them. The bag was sealed but they must have been moved around a lot or sat for a long time.

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  31. Damaris lopez

    Shower steamer bombs

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     I love the product I will be ordering some more

  32. Courtney Oferrall

    I love them!

    They smell SO GOOD and come with so many steamers. It would also make a great stocking stuffer for the holiday season!

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  33. Amazon Customer

    Great scents, great product!

    Love this product! Multiple scents and they all smell sooooo good!

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  34. Anonymous

    So calming!

  35. Tiffany

    These are a horrible waste of money

    They came all smashed up they smell nasty and they just crumble in the shower and the smell is super strong until you put them in the shower and then the smell isn’t strong and you can’t even smell it and there is no steam that comes out of them. It creates nothing but a mess in the shower and it’s a waste of $20.

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  36. Ayla

    If you’re sensitive to floral perfumes – DO NOT GET THIS

    I ordered these as a stocking stuffer for my partner, neither of us enjoy floral perfumes, but we love fruity scents, so I thought this would be perfect. I was wrong. As soon as I opened the bag, the scent of STRONG florals hit me like a sack of bricks. There is nothing fruity about this. They all smelled the same. The mixed reviews are astonishing, I don’t understand how anyone could like this strong flowery smell when we ordered fruity scents. This was immediately tossed in the trash and taken outside.If I could rate this a zero, I would. Save your money and don’t buy this.Disgusting.

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  37. Malinda Edwards

    When I opened these they are all crushed.

    I like the smell but they are all crushed. They look like they have been run over with a car. There is a few larger pieces but the rest are just crumbles. I’m sad I can’t use them.

  38. Sarah Barnett


    The madallion foilings show signs of deterioration perhaps from long shelf life. The medallions were not shrink-wrapped by their scent as other brands do to maintain the Integrity of each fragrance. However, I don’t think it would have made a difference as they all smell like powdered laundry detergent mixed with bug spray. 😳 I will be returning them.

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  39. rayvin ramirez

    Smells like cleaning chemicals

    They dissolve, quite rapidly, will not last a full shower. The smell is overwhelming. When you first open them they smell like some type of cleaning chemicals. Once they are wet, the smell comes down and smells like artificial grapefruit. Definitely would not buy this brand again.

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  40. Whitney

    Even inhaling this will give you respiratory issues

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     This is a product that could never sell in stores because you can smell it before you even open up the package and the smell is heinous. It is ridiculously strong. I couldn’t imagine putting it in a steamy shower because I would probably pass out. This stuff is like teargas and I’m not even exaggerating.

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  41. Artsy garage

    Smells like old man’s foot powder

    These all pretty much smelled the same. Like foot powder, or cheap men’s cologne, or the soap which smells like cheap men’s cologne at the pool. None of them really have a fruity smell or smell like what they’re supposed to.

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  42. Sara

    I’m sorry!

    It may just be me? But these have no scent? I put it out of a direct stream and it was fine at the end of the shower, but no smell at all.

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  43. Annette

    Mala elección!!

    Apenas duran debajo del agua, se gastan en menos de 1 minuto y muy poco olor.Muy poca fragancia.No lo recomiendo !

  44. Bren


    I wasted money purchasing this product. The product is old and the packaging was disgusting. These were for a Christmas gift but I apparently won’t be giving them! Very disappointing!

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  45. dennise

    Don’t work

    I bought these for Christmas present and she’s used them twice different cents and say they don’t work and steam up the shower with the smell

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  46. Brandi Lyston

    No scent

    I was very disappointed. You can smell them when you open but when in the shower they don’t smell hardly at all.

  47. danielle


    It smells like old cheap perfume. So bad I had to dispose it all. Horrible packaging, scent, and caused migraine.

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  48. Sallie

    Not what I expected

    Very strong scent when I opened the bag. I used one as directed and that’s all it was – just a very strong, unpleasant scent.

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  49. Diane gilbert

    Packaging gold wraps are disintegrating

    Purchased these for stocking stuffers. I put in organza bags. They are sticky and gold wrap is disintegrating. I cat use over half of them!!

  50. Belinda

    Wrapping was worn off in spots on a lot of them.

    The wrapping was torn on a lot of them. Just opening the package made my nose burn. They are way too strong.

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