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About this item If you receive this mascara UNWRAPPED, it did not come from essence cosmetics. NO FALSIES NEEDED! Lash Princess False Lash Mascara defines and separates lashes while achieving a bold look. DRAMATIC VOLUME: the conic shape fiber brush delivers dramatic volume and sculpted length WITHOUT clumps or globs. LASTS ALL DAY: go about your day free from flaking & fading! This mascara does not flake, fade, or wear, making it a perfect all-day, longlasting mascara. CRUELTY FREE: essence cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand. We do not test any of our products on animals.

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50 reviews for essence | Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara | Gluten & Cruelty Free Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Sandy

    Never buying any other mascara

    It is the go to mascara. Very affordable, and defines my lashes perfectly. Does not smudge under my eyelashes by the end of the day, which I love and washes off easily. My daughter-in-law’s also uses mascara and love it.

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  2. Lorac Sotna

    Now I’m a true believer!

    ESSENCE mascara products have become “highly recommended “ lately. I’d never heard of the brand before I read positive reviews about it.So I bought it at a very reasonable price.The reviews were 100% correct!High quality mascara that doesn’t smudge and is easy to remove. Makes lashesfuller and longer at less then $5.Try it. You will like it.

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  3. Lindsey S

    My absolute favorite!!!

    This is my all-time favorite mascara. Even over the high priced brands. I usually order one on back up it is that good! You won’t regret getting this brand, at all! Stays on and the wand is fab!

  4. Amber Kepner

    Probably my new favorite mascara

    My daughter bought this mascara at ulta and left me try it, as it has been on my Amazon wish list for over a year. I instantly knew I needed my own. Goes on nicely and isn’t clumpy.

  5. CEB

    The holy grail of mascaras!

    I’ve tried all mascaras, cheap and expensive. I even buckled and purchased the ever-popular sought after, Dior Show mascara. This one surpasses them all! The brush is amazing at seperating and fluffing lashes, and the formula is a solid quick-drying non-smudge deep black. I’ll never go back to designer mascara again!

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  6. Sara

    love it

    Just bought because of the price, no idea it would be so good and then I came to review it and saw so many reviews. Makes a lot of sense , i just had not paid attention to them and totally worth the hype. For the price and the performance, this is the best mascara I’ve tried.

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  7. Kara F. Bertino

    Great mascara for cheap!

    I needed 2 layers and I had lashes! I had to remove my lash extensions due to allergy. This mascara helps fill in the gap, meaning using it after 2 swipes, plumped up my lashes like my extensions. Better than the $30 mascara -because I have that too. A good product!

  8. MissT

    Give it time

    This mascara began not as thick as I expected. From looking at the pictures I thought it would be thicker. That’s why I bought it. It’s a great price and LOTS of people are using it and are happy.Then, as I continued to use it, it was much thicker. I think you have to give it time. Sometimes I put on 2 coats for very thick lashes.* I write reviews to let you know how this product was for me. and to aid you in making your decision, to buy or not buy.

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  9. Katharine S Hawkins

    Nice definition

    Good definition and volume but no added length. I have not had any smudge issues. Needed a little make up remover after washing my face to get the faint tint from my under eyes. I prefer my L’Oréal Lash Paradise still.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Great find.

    I first saw this mascara on Linda Vater’s blog on you tube. She highly recommended it and she was right. This is the second one I’ve ordered and I really like it. It’s very neat and not smudgy.

  11. Transformed

    Great Product

    Love this mascara so far I have used it for a few days. Wear last all day long, not noticing smudging. So far I am in love. Super price point.

  12. CoCo’s Mom

    works well

    definitely difficult to remove unless you use a mascara removing pad. I got this after reading the best products listing and this got fantastic reviews. It is not the type you want to leave sitting around for a while.

  13. Paula K.

    It’s good

    Too much mascara comes out on the wand. Other than that, no complaints.

  14. Precise Disarray

    Visible difference, some good, some not so good

    –I have used many different kinds of mascara over the years. I typically wear little to no make up, but when I do, I love mascara. Unfortunately most eye products irritate my eyes. The get itchy, red, and feel tired (even though I am not). Sometimes it is within a very short period of time, sometimes a few hours later. Either way, it sucks trying to find a mascara that doesn’t make my eyes feel terrible. I don’t recall what brought me to this product, but I gave it a try based on the write up and the budget friendly price (less than $5).–Well, after initial use, I could tell that it was going to be one of the few mascaras that doesn’t highly irritate my eyes. –YAY! Another annoying thing about trying to find a good mascara- finding one that doesn’t smear. Not just flaking, but actual smudges and smears. It is terrible to perfectly apply eye make up, look great upon completion, only to find later that the mascara didn’t dry, and I’ve been walking around with racoon eyes. This formula doesn’t seem to smear. YAY! (for other mascaras that I didn’t want to throw out, I just made sure to lightly powder my lashes to help the mascara to stick).–Lengthening. Who doesn’t want some added length? This formula clearly adds some length. See included pics! I didn’t apply it to heavy, I didn’t have another product added in. I just did a couple of quick swipes then took a picture. One with one eye done, one with both. Clearly a difference. I imagine if I were more careful and methodical in my application, I get more length or volume. YAY! BUT, that brings me to..–Now, the one other thing that bothers me about mascara, is that some will clump quickly, so it can be difficult to apply carefully when the product wants to bulk up in spots. Sometimes it can be helped by wiping off some of the product from the wand before application, but that can hinder layering it on. It is a fine line between applying it thick and having it clump. This product is quick to clump and/or deposit too much at once in haphazard way. Some people LIKE the look of clumpy lashes, or lashes that look like they are clearly mascara caked. I am not judging, and it is totes cool if that is the look you want because this mascara will help you achieve it. I am kind of in the middle. I want to look like I am wearing mascara, but I don’t want it to be glommed on to to where it looks dry and spidery. Hard to describe, but look at other peoples review pics to determine if this mascara will do what you want it to in terms of looks. With a light touch, it can look like basic lash darkening mascara, it is just trickier to get the dark/thick/and length without it going into clump/stick/harsh look.–While I don’t often bring price into my review, I do want to say that at the <$5 price point, I would consider buying this again. More than that, probably not so much. It works well enough, and doesn't bother my eyes.--For those that ask about the packaging, it is sent as a loose tube without wrap or extraneous packaging. it has a sticker where wand meets the body of container. Simple. 13 people found this helpful

  15. Amazon Customer

    Love it!

    Bought for myself and all my granddaughters. I am 67 and my lashes are hard to build up. I can actually tell I have mascara on with this product. The price is awesome. Was recommended to me and I will do the same. Great stuff!!

  16. harlee whitney

    So much length!!

    I absolutely LOVE this mascara! It’s gives so much length with only one layer. I wish it had a tad bit more volume but I still absolutely love it

  17. Kaitlin


    Absolutely love this mascara! My lashes have never looked so good.

  18. Melissa L Parlin

    Changed formula or I received an old one,all dried up

    Either the formula is changed or I received an old or used mascara, dry and hardly any product in it, bought many times before not happy at all!

  19. Alisa Gillenardo

    No clumping

    Love this mascara. My lashes look pumped up without looking clumped up. Easy to remove and no smudging. And the price is amazingly low. Will buy it again!

  20. lexi zellmer

    I’ve tried DOZENS for the past 20 years

    I used to work for an upscale department store for over ten years. In that time, I tried every last mascara in every prestige line. After that job ended, I continued to look for the best mascara for volume that wouldn’t harden and be easy to remove. I buy things on Amazon everyday and have never taken time to write a review (I know that’s terrible). However- this is the product that changed my beauty life. Get it. Just get it. It’s THE BEST. And I’ve tried everything.

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  21. Dasha M.

    Im shook

    Im an MUA/makeup enthusiast and I’m always looking for new products to try, ESPECIALLY when it comes to mascara. I have long lashes and most days I don’t wear makeup because im currently a sahm but when I do go out and have some time to put a bit on I always reach for a mascara. I heard great things about this one and finally decided to give it ago! its AMAZING my eyelashes look even longer and more beautiful! and when mixed with their volumizing mascara it does something a little extra! I’m glad I gave this mascara a try! one coat does the trick 2 coats is still good I wouldn’t suggest more than that as it can get clumpy (I wanted to see how many coats before I got spider legs for lashes)

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  22. West Coast K

    Lashes WOW!

    Great surprise! Lashes look fuller, longer, no smudging, last all day & easy to remove. Also appreciate no clump applicator. Bonus: the price is right. Love it and definitely will buy again

  23. Gandalf_the_Grey

    good mascara

    this is some good mascaraseems to make my lashes look goodgets a little clumpy and smudgy but for the price it’s not that badgood buy

  24. Christina Shellenberger

    Wish this was waterproof

    Like this mascara. Some make my eyes feel itchy and dry, so it passed that test.

  25. Nancy

    Best Mascara Ever!

    This is the best mascara I have ever used, and I have had 55 years of mascara wearing! I have tried all the price points and everything smudges immediately, except this one. Excellent lengthening and volumizing too.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Good mascara

    For then price it works!. I get beautiful eyelashes with this mascara. It does get clumpy and I don’t like that. I use an eyelash brush toseperate the lashes for a natural look. This process makes the eyelashes look full and not all sticked together. As the hours pass by, I do get black spotts underneath my eyes. Easy to take off.

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  27. Abby

    Better than the expensive brands

    This mascara was recommended after trying the infamous Better Than Sex mascara and hating it. This mascara is a quarter of the price and a million times better. It stays on, only smudges if you rub your eyes, doesn’t clump, and washes off with no raccoon eyes!

  28. Catherine

    Fast and lasts!

    I can’t always spend more than a minute on each eye. This mascara applies quickly and neatly and stays put all day. Looks great, even after sleeping in it. Great value!

  29. Jeanie

    Amazing False Lash Mascara

    OK, I am truly amazed at this product. Truth in advertising for a change. Most mascaras that claim to be voluminous are not. Usually, the first coat is barely there, and maybe after the 3rd coat, it starts to look like something. But not THIS mascara! The first coat made a remarkable difference! I did a “little touchup” later which I really did not need. After first coat, I see lashes!? Very impressive! As usual, I made a few smudges here and there, but it was easily corrected with a Q-tip and water. I recommend this product. For the low price, it’s a good value.

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    It does really have that false eyelash effect

    You need to use oil to remove it coz it smudges a lot

  31. shoe_lover

    Great inexpensive mascara…

    I just received this mascara a few days ago, so I’ve only tried it a few times, but I’m very happy with it so far. For the past couple of years, I’ve been using the Covergirl mascara Lash Blast in the orange and purple tubes. Those worked for OK for me, however I thought I’d try something that would give more length and I found this one. It definitely does give more length and does not smudge. I do find it to get a bit clumpy with multiple coats, but using a clean spoolie/mascara wand to brush through the lashes can help with that. I wore this mascara out of the house for the first time yesterday (paired with an eye shadow palette that I had forgotten about – neutral colors) and for once actually got a compliment on my eyes from a friend! I didn’t find that this flaked off into my eyes at all and it’s very easy to wash out with a simple face wash (I use La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser).

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  32. Angie

    It looks good

    Honestly this mascara looks good and gives good volume. The problem is it smudges a lot and runs. If you want a good mascara to cry in this ones it because it will run like a mofo. I personally don’t like the smudging because when I do some activities with my bf it gives me raccoon eyes.

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  33. Amy G

    Great product! However….

    Mascara goes on smoothly, no clumps, my lashes looked longer with first swipe!I did notice tho, by the end of the day it was flaking a little bit. Granted, this was noticed almost 12 hours after application.It comes off relatively easy – I use almay eye make up remover pads.I still recommend this to anyone in need of a good mascara, and I will surely purchase more when the first two I purchased are used up.

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  34. Amy

    My Fav Mascara

    I love this mascara. It is easy to apply and easy to remove. I do not like volume creating mascaras because it adds fibers to your lashes that typically flake off during the day. I feel like I get a nice color and volume to my lashes w this product and it doesn’t smudge or flake during the day and comes right off w a makeup remover wipe

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  35. Kimberly

    Close to the expensive brands.

    This mascara is as good as the expensive brands, and you don’t have to use 2 separate primer/mascara – it’s all covered in 1 bottle. Give great volume, however if you put too much on too quick it will clump so SLOW down and take your time.

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  36. Janine V.


    This mess garret is absolutely awesome I have bought 2 of them the only thing is I don’t like after a little while at flakes I don’t know whether it’s because it’s an old tube or it’s just the mescara itself but if you want long lashes you came to the right place and for the right price

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  37. Aline Mares

    GREAT mascara!

    This is not a case of you get what you pay for. This mascara is not expensive at all, and works much better than my Estee Lauder and Lancome mascara. I happen upon it in CVS 2 years ago, it is the best mascara I have ever used!

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  38. Cruzzro

    essence | Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

    My wife Diana truly LOVES this essence | Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. She loves how easy it is to apply, and how long it lasts. In addition, she highly recommends this product to any woman that wants a reliable eye mascara.

  39. Kermit Crazy

    Great performance for an inexpensive mascara

    You can’t beat the price! Great volume and easy to remove. However, I’ve made multiple purchases of this through Amazon and some of the tubes have arrived a bit dry. Good thing it’s only $5, otherwise I’d be really p*ssed about that. Also, I recently had hair and makeup done for a wedding and this is the brand of mascara the makeup artist had in her kit. I thought that was a pretty rousing endorsement!

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  40. Kathleen Isabella

    Great for the price

    I love this mascara for the price. It keeps my eyelashes curls, but it does slightly flake off. I just swipe it off and it’ll smudge a little but it easily comes off. It’s great for under $5

  41. JAG

    Goes on super easy

    First picture is just the left side with one coat of mascara. Second picture, is both eyes with a couple of quick coats.I have fairly long lashes, but they’re invisible. The last couple mascaras I bought didn’t seem to grab my lashes. This goes on super easy. It does tend to smudge a bit, but I’m old and wear a lot of creams to smooth wrinkles…For the price, I’m super impressed!

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  42. TJ

    My new fav

    This is one of my new favorite mascaras. It separates lashes perfectly and adds volume and length. No flaking or smudging and lasts all day. It’s also easy to remove. The only thing I’m not happy about is that it gets clumpy too quickly. But I did find that if you simply pull the brush out of the tube slowly there won’t be any clumps on it. So, it’s definitely worth trying. I’ll be buying this mascara over and over again. Especially since it’s so cheap while still working so well.

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  43. Jordan

    As good as they say!

    Doesn’t leave my lash clumpy at all. It is removable in just one easy wipe- I haven’t had it smudge but isn’t waterproof. But how great it is makes up for that! I will use this again and again! I threw away my other mascaras once I used this

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  44. Amazon Customer

    Great Mascara!

    This is comparable to high end pharmacy Mascara but at a much better price!!! Easy to put on and gives lashes plenty of volume. This is the only mascara I buy now. It does tend to smudge a little but not enough to take off a star. I really like this brand and I’m sure you will too! I highly recommend it

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  45. Shannon Dewitt

    Love this mascara

    My niece had this mascara so I was wanting to try it out. Ordered it and now I will not be using anything else but this. Love it and it is cheap enough to keep it ordered all the time.

  46. Hannah C

    I like it!

    This is a good mascara and it makes my eyelashes full and makes them stand out. The only downfall would be that it makes your eyelashes sticky and you are constantly feeling your eyelashes sticking together throughout the day. I would still recommend for the price though!

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  47. Starr Turner

    Great product

    I was sure this mascara wouldn’t be anything special but with the price I gave it a try. I am so glad I did!!! It has become my favorite mascara. My eyelashes are short and don’t curl much and it definitely helped.

  48. Tonya Wilhelm

    Stays on All Day

    This mascara goes on smoothly and instantly increases lash volume. It stays on all day and is smudge proof once dry. Later in the day, depending on my activity level, it does start to flake. It washes off easily with soap and water or makeup remover. Overall, I will recommend the product.

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  49. Sam C.

    Favorite mascara ever!

    I saw this mascara recommended by an influencer & thought for 5$ it wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t work….little did I know I would be finding my new favorite mascara! It goes on lightly but provides so much definition & volume! It feels like I am wearing nothing & comes off so easily. I would highly recommend!

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    Love this!

    I love the one application and the raised rubber letters on the container help me to hold and not to drop it!

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