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It seems plenty of Amazon shoppers are adding “amateur barista” to their resume as this handheld milk frother joins more itchen utensil collections. “I love this little gadget for making lattes at home!” one reviewer writes. “It makes it so quick and easy to froth my milk in the morning. I’ve had mine for a year and am still on the first battery, so that’s been a bonus.”

What is the Milk Boss milk frother?

The Zulay Kitchen Milk Boss is a small handheld device.

It’s battery operated (it takes two AA batteries) but produces plenty of power.

It doesn’t have the airs and graces of a larger frother machine but it does the job.

It’s easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. It’s also very easy on the wallet.

It’s one of the very few milk frothers which is supplied with its own stand.

There aren’t many negatives with this handy little tool.

First impressions

It sounds a bit silly but just by looking at the box the device comes you know this is going to be a good product.

The side of the box has a QR code which you can scan with your phone to register your warranty.

This little detail really lifts the Milk Boss above its competitors and shows Zulay’s commitment to customer service. This is the only frother I’m aware of that carries a lifetime guarantee.

zulay milk boss horizontal view
The Milk Boss is very sturdy and well made

Registering for the warranty is really easy. Simply scan the QR code with your phone and Facebook Messenger will open. A couple of clicks and your lifetime guarentee will be activated and you’ll even be sent a link to a video on how to use your Milk Boss. The whole process took less than a minute.

There are also handy instructions on the box and inside is instructions on how to fit the batteries along with details on how to contact the ‘Kitchen Happiness Team’ at Zulay.

However, one thing you won’t find in the box is batteries. You’ll need two AA batteries to power the device.

The box itself is made from sturdy card and the milk frother is protected by bubble wrap. So, very good first impressions – which were also helped by the next day delivery from Amazon.

What can I use the Zulay Kitchen frother for?

It’s a very versatile little machine. It is of course primarily designed to froth milk. But it can do so much more including:

  • Froth milk at high or low temperatures
  • Can be used on all kinds of milk though for the best results you should use whole milk.
  • Make great coffees including lattes and cappuccinos
  • Whip up lovely hot chocolate
  • Milk shakes
  • Protein shakes
  • Make great sauces

The list goes on. Anything you use a manual whisk for the Zulay Kitchen Milk Boss can do the job better and faster.

It’s a powerful mini mixer which will have dozens of uses in your kitchen.  You can see some of those uses in this article – What else can I use my milk frother for?

Frothy milk in seconds – how to use the Milk Boss

Like all handheld frothers the Milk Boss is very easy to use. First of all, heat up your milk (assuming you’re having a hot drink).

You can heat up the milk either in a pan on the hob or in a microwave (two minutes in an 800w microwave is usually sufficient).

Once the milk is heated pop the whisk end of the Milk Boss into the liquid, click the on button and move the frother up, down and around the cup for 30 seconds. And that’s it. You’ll have wonderfully frothy milk in no time.

What about the quality?

There are lots of cheap handheld milk frothers on the market. Correction. There are lots of poor quality but cheap handheld milk frothers on the market. But the Milk Boss isn’t one of them.

Milk Boss vs Ikea Milk Frother Review

Yes, it’s low cost. Currently it’s on sale on Amazon for around £15.

But it’s a very well-made little device. Zulay claim they only use the best materials in their manufacturing process.

zulay milk boss on stand

In fact, Zulay provides a ‘happiness lifetime promise’.

They say the Milk Boss will never break or rust. And it has to be said the number of positive reviews and the company’s emphasis on good customer service backs up their claims.

You can tell just by holding the frother in your hand how well made it is. If you compare it to the very cheap frothers it’s like chalk and cheese. The Zulay Milk Boss has obviously been well-designed and the best materials used in its manufacture.

One reported issue by some reviewers is that the battery compartment isn’t very well made. This was a puzzle to me.

The Milk Boss I’ve reviewed in this article is the second I’ve had. My daughter ‘borrowed’ the first one. On that device I didn’t have a problem.

However, on my review model I can see what other people mean. Perhaps the design has changed slightly.

The door of the battery compartment is a little awkward to replace securely. But honestly it only took a moment to get it right so it isn’t a big deal. I did read one review in which the gentleman said he’d had to resort to putting tape around the battery compartment. This is completely unnecessary and certainly not needed.

Easy to store and clean

The Zulay Kitchen Milk Boss frother is a small device that you can easily store away.

Unlike most other handheld frothers the Milk Boss comes with its own stand.

This means you can keep it nicely displayed on the kitchen counter. Other frothers have to be kept in a drawer. It’s a small point but the stand is a really nice touch.

Even the smallest kitchen will be able to accommodate this little fella.

And when it’s been used it’s so easy to clean. Just pop it into hot running water, turn it on for a few seconds and it’ll clean itself.

Zulay Kitchen Milk Boss Frother Review

The Verdict

As a handheld frother this is the best I’ve seen.

But if you’re someone who prefers a hands off appraoch to coffee making the Milk Boss isn’t for you. You’ll probably want an automatic frother which also heats the milk. We’ve reviewed lots of these frothers – you can see all our reviews here.

But, if you want a frother that’s great value for money, or looking for something that doesn’t take up much space you won’t go wrong with the Milk Boss. It’s no exaggeration to say I use my Milk Boss every day of the week and I’ve never had a problem with it.

It’s well-made, extremely powerful for its size, and will make very thick foam in around 30 seconds. What more could you ask? Just remember to keep a few spare AA batteries in the kitchen drawer.

For under £20 it’s an awesome little machine and, as we mentioned earlier, it’s a versatile little device that you can use for lots of different jobs in the kitchen.

Why not give the Milk Boss a whirl? 

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